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Established in 2002 in Dubai and through hard work, diligence and outstanding service over many years of work, Fast Trans has made several branches in the world. Such as Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Qatar and Kuwait                                         

Due to the importance of Dubai's geographical location as the link between the continent of Europe and Asia, Fast Trans decided to open its main branch in Dubai as a trading center for many Arab and European countries, making Fast Trans the headquarters in its territory

Fast Trans

Because of the confidence we have with our customers and based on their opinions and confidence, Fast Trans is one of the most important shipping companies in Dubai for its integrated freight forwarding services, air, land and sea freight from Dubai to any country in the world and door to door. From any point in Dubai with our fleet of cars deployed in all areas of Dubai and delivered to any point in the world with clearance and continued to the house of the client and our company offers its customers packaging and storage service and free transport service to our warehouses, providing the customer peace of mind and transport charges for warehouses and the effort to search for how Tes Yum warehouse and shipping to ensure the safety of the product to be exported and complete our responsibility as we provide the sources we buy the highest levels of quality and lower prices as well as cargo control during manufacturing to ensure compliance with the quality standards required by the client                                     

Why Fast Trans is the best shipping company in Dubai

Air Freight

If you want to send air freight from Dubai to any country in the world, whether rulers or commercial goods or personal belongings or identification papers and you are looking for the fastest and cheapest solution Air Freight Service from Fast Trans is the best and cheapest and fastest for you to provide delivery services from any house In Dubai to any house in the world with clearance within a maximum of 3 days as agents for the largest carriers in the world such as Aramex, FedEx,

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If you want to ship large quantities, heavy weights, and you are looking for an economical solution that provides you with a shipping service to the target country in the fastest time, less expensive and more efficient possible. Fast Trans shipping service is best suited for you to offer the possibility of booking a reservation on all transport companies Global                                         
We also have an offshore shipping service from Dubai to Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Qatar and the United Arab Emirates

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Land shipping

We offer the fastest inland and external freight service in Dubai with the best efficiency. We receive shipments from any point in Dubai and deliver them to any point in Dubai. Our fleet of cars is spread throughout the region. Fast Trans guarantees you an easy shipping experience and full safety for your goods.

All these services have been made Fast Trans اPreferred Shipping Company in Dubai

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