From and to Dubai: Land Shipping

Fast Trans Shipping Services in Dubai offers land freight from Dubai to all over the world and vice versa.


Fast Trans provides a wide range of logistics services to and from Dubai. It also provides you with all the necessary facilities for your goods to arrive at their destination, such as paperwork, etc.


With Fast Trans, you do not need to be in Dubai, if you are in Saudi Arabia, UAE, Kuwait, Qatar or any country.

شحن بري

Land Shipping

Arab or foreign enough to receive the shipment information and we will receive it from the dealer or the laboratory or place of issue and shipped to your place.

We pride ourselves on being the best shipping company in Dubai with the testimonial of our beloved customers.

Fast Trans Shipping:


At Fast Trans, we have made a definite promise to ourselves and our customers that we will make the experience of shipping in Dubai a unique experience with a positive impression.

Choose a land freight service with Fast Trans?


We pride ourselves on that The best shipping company in Dubai and the most efficient by land fleet makes the inside of Turkey and beyond a small village, make business distinctive, fun, easy and comfortable is the best feature of Fast Trans.

Reduced freight costs for our Arab brothers and startups, many customers have left us with the choice and expertise of Fast Trans with its fleet and broad team.

Fast Trans has always been over five years in Dubai and twenty years ago in Dubai has been and remains the best and only option for all who deal with it from all shipping companies.


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